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[Event] Launch Event: High-Ranked and Mighty

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Posted on 2017-07-14 00:42:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

Event will be end on July 20 at 09:00 (GMT +0)

Event Details:
1. Win rewards based on your Player Might ranking at the end of the event. You can check your ranking at "Leaderboard" > "Player Might Ranks".
2. Rewards will be sent within 24 hours after the event.

Event Rewards:

1st Place:

Royal Treasure IV5
Royal Treasure III14
10X Recruitment Scroll2
24 Hour Multi-Booster6
Swift March15
Sack of Gold VIII14
Sack of Jewels IV10
Box of Food VI12
Box of Lumber VI12
Box of Ore VI10

2nd Place:

Royal Treasure III7
VIP Coupon V1
Fast March8
12 Hour Multi-Booster2
Sack of Gold VIII6
Box of Food VI10
Box of Lumber VI10
Box of Ore VI8
Recruitment Scroll7
Sack of Jewels III6

3rd Place:

Royal Treasure III3
VIP Coupon IV1
Fast March6
12 Hour Multi-Booster1
Sack of Gold VIII3
Box of Food VI8
Box of Lumber VI8
Box of Ore VI6
Recruitment Scroll5
Sack of Jewels III3

4th-10th Place:

Crest Pack IV3
Fast March1
2 Hour Multi-Booster12
Sack of Gold VI12
Box of Food VI7
Box of Lumber VI7
Box of Ore VI5
Recruitment Scroll3
Sack of Jewels II3

11th-20th Place:

Crest Pack IV1
Free Wishes9
Fast March1
1 Hour Multi-Booster18
Sack of Gold V12
Box of Food V15
Box of Lumber V15
Box of Ore V10
Recruitment Scroll1
Sack of Jewels I3