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[News] Guild Exports!!

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Posted on 2018-02-09 07:15:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

Let the guild exports begin!

Guilds that own Provinces can now export products to other Provinces. Once the export is complete, all guild members will obtain rewards!

To view Provinces that your guild can export to, go to [Guild Province > Building]. Tap [Export] to view the Province's product, product unit price, product quantity, and the quantity required for export. The Guild Leader and Deputies can also export products on this interface!

- How do I begin exporting?
☆ The Guild Leader or Deputies can export products once product quantity meets export requirements. They can simply tap [Export] to begin the process.
☆ The quantity required for exports is fixed for each Province and will not change.
☆ When starting the export, the system will recommend a destination Province with the best market price. Higher market prices net greater profits! However, these Provinces may be located further away and other guilds may be waiting to raid your products, so escorts are highly recommended. Also note that market prices DO fluctuate, so keep an eye out for notices about them!
☆ Export teams that have been raided will result in lowered profits! Each export team can be raided up to 5 times and lose up to 50% of their full profits.
☆ Exporting to bigger Provinces reap greater rewards, but also bring raiders greater profits!

- What is an Export Fair?
☆ Open the World Map and you'll see fireworks appear above a particular Province! This indicates that an Export Fair is being held there!
☆ Guilds occupying a Province holding an Export Fair will receive a 50% bonus to their profits when they export products, regardless of the origin and destination. This is a great boost not to be missed!

- How do I escort teams?
☆ Export teams can be escorted to reduce losses in case of raids.
☆ To escort a team, simply tap the team and select [Escort].
☆ You can also escort teams via [Guild > Guild War > Defense].

- How do I raid an Export Team?
☆ You can view teams currently exporting products in your Kingdom via [Kingdom Conquest > Export]. Simply tap a team to view that export team's current location.
☆ You can choose to "Scout" or "Raid" the export team. You'll need to form a coalition with your guildmates before you can raid the team! After raiding an export team, you will receive a battle report to view your results and earnings.
☆ Deploy a full team when participating in an export team raid to earn the maximum amount of rewards.

☆ Travel speed of export teams can't be increased, but will not take up an expedition team slot.
☆ Export team battles support up to 30 vs 30 heroes at a time.


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Please add Captcha security