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[News] What's the Answer?

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Posted on 2018-03-08 19:31:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

Can you figure out the correct answer to the question in this image? Reply to any of our event posts with your answer and IGG ID! When the event ends, 50 lucky winners will be chosen from those who answered correctly to win a great prize!

Event Duration: From now till Mar 12, 07:00 (GMT+0)

Event Rewards (50 lucky winners):
- 5x Moonstone Casket III
- 1x 120 Stamina
- 10x Hero EXP Card VI
- 5x 1 Hour Multi-Booster
- 5x Box of Ore VII
- 5x Box of Food VII
- 5x Box of Lumber VII
- 1x Loudspeaker

Join the event via our official social media accounts:
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter:
Official Instagram:

1. Reply to our event post on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with both your answer and IGG ID. Only the first comment will be valid.
2. After the event, 50 players who answered correctly will be picked at random to receive the prize.
3. Rewards will be sent within 3 business days after the event ends.

Thank you for your support!