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[News] Calling all chiefs!

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Posted on 2018-03-13 05:04:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

The new Army Chief ability is here! Lead your coalition army and raise its attributes!

☆ [Army Chief] unlocks at City Lv 20.

☆ [Army Chief] can be enabled/disabled via [Abilities > Military]

☆ Enabling [Army Chief] allows you to grant 80% of your military attributes to your coalition army as a boost. It does not affect your attributes.
- If more than one person in the coalition army has Army Chief enabled, the one among them with the highest Might will be the Army Chief. Only this player will share 80% of their military attributes with the rest of the coalition army.
- If any of a player's attributes are greater than 80% of the Army Chief's, no boost will be given to that particular attribute.

☆ Boosts granted by the Army Chief include military attributes and statuses.
- Military Attribute Sources: Player Equipment, Player Gems, passive Abilities, Leader Capture (capturing Leaders will raise attributes while having your Leader captured will reduce them), Achievements, Tech, buildings, VIP Perks, Province Posts, Guild Tech. You can view your military attributes on your player info UI.
- Statuses: Battle Craze, Skirmish, Siege, Defending City, Blessing