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[News] New City Skins!

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Posted on 2018-04-26 06:22:29 | Show thread starter's posts only

Notice anything different on the Map? There are new City skins! Read on if you want to make your City fabulous and cool!

☆ What City skins are available?
There are currently 5 City skins in the game: Mighty Warlord, Battle Chieftain, Treasure Hunter, Lush Spring Day, and Amorous Roses.

☆ How do I change my City skin?
Go to your City Hall or tap your City on the Map to access the City Skins menu. Use vouchers to get a snazzy new appearance for your City!

☆ How do I get vouchers?
You can get vouchers by buying packs or taking part in events. Vouchers for different City skins will come from different sources, so be sure to tap the "+" sign to the right of the indicated voucher to see how it can be obtained. If you have more than one skin, you can freely switch between them!

☆ What are Skin Attributes?
Each City skin comes with a different attribute boost. When you own multiple skins, these attributes will stack!

☆ What is Skin Duration?
Currently, skin vouchers come with different durations: 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, or Permanent! When a skin reaches the end of its duration, you'll lose that skin's appearance and its attribute boosts. But fear not, you can get permanent skins that will never expire! They come with bigger boosts too, and are definitely worth it!

☆ How do I get vouchers for permanent skins?
You'll need to first collect Voucher Pieces from various sources. These pieces can be viewed in your Bag. When you collect a total of 200 pieces, you can go to your Bag and fuse them into a special voucher that will give you the skin permanently!