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[News] Ruins Excavation!

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Posted on 2018-04-30 10:20:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

New Ruins feature -- Ruins Excavation!

You might have already noticed a mysterious mine if you frequently visit the Ruins. That's right, you can now access the new excavation feature from the Mystic Quarry!

☆ You need 120 EP to excavate in the Mystic Quarry. That may seem costly, but the rewards you'll uncover are definitely worth it!

☆ The level of the Mystic Quarry is linked to your level in the Ruins. Raise your level to level up the Mystic Quarry and get better rewards!

☆ You have a chance of receiving a surprise reward after completing an excavation. This reward gets better at higher City levels!

☆ Like other activities in the Ruins, excavations grant Exploration EXP upon completion.

☆ Note! Gather Boosts used for gathering on the Kingdom Map will not work in the Mystic Quarry.

In between exploring the Ruins and fighting Ruins monsters, don't forget to excavate the Mystic Quarry once in a while!