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[News] Account Switching

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Posted on 2018-05-10 17:46:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

Are you confused about how to switch accounts? Here's a handy guide for you!

☆ You can access account linking via [Avatar > Settings > Account]. You can now link your game account to several different platforms!

☆ The [Account] interface has been upgraded to show all currently supported third party platforms: Google Play, Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

☆ You will be presented with two options when you tap a third party platform: [Link] and [Log In].
    - Link: 
Select this if your game account is not yet linked to this third party platform. After you've followed the instructions and linked your account, you can select this third party platform again to log in. After restarting the game, you'll notice that the [Account] interface will now show that you're logged in via this third party platform.
    - Log In:
Select this if you already have a game account linked to Conquerors. After selecting the linked platform you want, tap [Log In], and follow the on-screen instructions to switch to that account.

☆ We've added new third party platforms for your convenience. You can now link to Twitter or your email address!

☆ Currently, the game automatically creates a brand new IGG ID and account for all players who log in with a third party account not currently linked with Conquerors. This applies to all types of third party accounts except email addresses. We will be rolling out support for email addresses in the future as well.

☆ Note: If you use an iOS device and have multiple Facebook or Twitter accounts, you'll have to first log out of your Facebook/Twitter account by going to [Settings > Account] on your device.

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