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[News] Player Equipment

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Are you concerned that the teams you've deployed don't match your current Player Equipment bonus? Or do you find it a hassle to change your equipment everytime you deploy a different team?

You can now assign specific player equipment sets to each team!

☆ Feature Access 
To access this feature, go to [Hero Deployment] > [Edit Teams] and you'll see a new button at the bottom left of each team. Tap this button to access the [Assign Team Equipment] interface, where you can view your list of equipment sets and assign one to the team. If the team does not have any equipment set assigned, the button will prompt "Not Assigned".

☆ Assigning Equipment Sets
On the [Assign Team Equipment] interface, tap the gear icon next to each equipment set to edit it. You'll be able to change the equipment that make up that set, rename the set, and view the total bonus it currently gives. Tapping [Assign] will assign this equipment set to be used when the selected team is deployed.

☆ Benefits of Additional Equipment Set Slots
With each slot you add, you'll be able to assign more kinds of equipment sets! For example, assigning Set 1 to Team 1, Set 2 to Team 2, and Set 3 to Team 3 will allow all three teams to benefit from their respective assigned equipment sets when you deploy all 3 teams at the same time! Note that the bonus from the three sets don't stack together. Rather, each team will only receive the bonus from its assigned equipment set.

☆ Special Note
- This feature unlocks at City Lv 22.
- The bonus from assigned equipment sets only takes effect when the team is deployed for battle (including both attacks on others and when defending guildmates or Provinces). In the case of City Defense where no team is deployed, the bonus applied will be based on the equipment set that you currently have equipped.


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I just wonder what is the usage of conquest coin

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