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[News] World Soccer Fever [Event]

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Posted on 2018-07-06 17:43:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

World Soccer Fever
The 2018 world soccer tournament held in Russia is now underway!
Predict the winner of each match to win loads of Gold!
Event Duration: July 6, 00:00 - July 17, 23:59 (GMT +0)
Event Rules:
1. You must be City Lv 5 or higher to participate and redeem rewards.
2. You will start off with 100 points. Tap ""Guess"" below your predicted winning team's name to select the amount of points you wish to use for your guess.
3. Ensure that you make your guess for each match before their deadlines. Guessing closes when the corresponding match begins.
4. For every correct guess, you will earn double the points used for the guess. For every incorrect guess, you will not earn any points. E.g.: If you used 10 points to make a guess, you will earn 20 points if you guessed correctly and 0 points if you were incorrect. In both cases, the 10 points used to make the guess will be lost.
5. Match results are reflected within 12 hours after the day's matches have ended. Any points won will be credited then.
6. You can't cash in your points for Gold while this event is ongoing.
7. Gold Cash In Duration: July 16, 05:00 - July 17, 23:59 (GMT +0)
After all matches have ended, you are allowed to cash in your total points for Gold once. Every 10 points will net you a Sack of Gold V worth 100 Gold. Rewards will be placed directly in your bag and a mail notification will be sent. Remember to cash in for your rewards as any points not changed for Gold after the deadline will be forfeited.
Go to [Special Events > News] and enjoy now!
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