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[News] Best hero formations for defense of provinces

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Posted on 2018-07-26 09:47:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

Wondering what's the best hero formations for defense of provinces? Take a look at our recommended teams!

☆ Basic Defense Formation
- Shujaa, Mihrimah, Al-Basra, Al-Jassas, Kadir
- Kahina, Mihrimah, Al-Basra, Al-Jassas, Hammam

☆ Intermediate Defense Formation
- Shujaa, Mihrimah, Tariq, Al-Jassas, Kadir
- Shujaa, Shaykh al-Jabal, Hurrem, Al-Basra, Kadir

☆ Advanced Defense Formation
- Baibars, Mihrimah, Tariq, Sunni Ali, Al-Salatin
- Baibars, Shaykh al-Jabal, Hurrem, Abu Layla, Al-Salatin
- Alp Arslan, Subh, Murat Reis, Osman, Antarah bin Shaddad

Disagree with our list? Discuss!