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[News] Troop Might

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Some players have doubts about how their Troop numbers are calculated, so here's a quick explanation to clear things up!

☆ Troop Assignment
- Hero Troops: These are Troops already assigned to a Hero's Squad. An increase or decrease in these Troops will directly affect your Might.
- City Troops: These are idle Troops in your City. They are important back up Troops that you can add to Hero Squads at any time you require. However they will not add much to your Might.
- Wounded Troops: These are Troops that were wounded and sent to the Infirmary while accompanying your Heroes to battle. They do not add to your Might. As Wounded Troops came from Hero Squads, having more Wounded Troops will mean that your Heroes have less Troops.

☆ Viewing All Troops
- To view all the Troops that you have, go to [Heroes Hall > Squad Info]. A summary of all Troops is displayed at the top of this interface. It also includes the maximum Troops that your Infirmary can hold and that your Heroes can have.
- Alternatively, head to the left part of your City and go to [Town Square > Squad Info] to view the same information.

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