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[News] Event: How many regular customers are there?

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Event: How many regular customers are there?

A rude soldier visited the Bazaar for a routine inspection and demanded to know the number of regular customers they had. Manar, who worked there, said the following in reply,

"Of the regular customers, half are middle-aged men, and a quarter are young office workers. 1/7 are students, and 1/12 of them are soldiers. The remaining 4 regular customers are old ladies who live nearby."

The soldier could not figure out the answer.

How many regular customers are there, according to Manar?

☆ Event Duration: From now until October 8, 07:00 (GMT+0)
☆ Answer Form:
☆ Event Reward: Answer correctly to receive 1,000 Gold from your Kingdom!
☆ Event Rules:
1. Submit your IGGID and answer in the Answer Form (link above) before the event ends. In the case of multiple submissions from the same IGG ID, only the first submission will be valid.
2. You must fill in your IGG ID correctly and enter the correct answer to receive the reward.
3. Rewards will be sent within 3 business days after the event ends.

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4/0.023809523 = X = 168 = 84 middle aged men + 42 young office workers + 24 students + 14 soldiers + 4 old ladies who live nearby