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[News] Welcoming the New Era!

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Posted on 2018-10-25 04:51:40 | Show thread starter's posts only


[ltr]Welcoming the New Era!

A new era has dawned in Conquerors! The glorious Golden Age has arrived!
Let us continue to work together for an even better future. Thank you to all players who have supported Conquerors!

Event Duration: October 25, 0:00 – October 31, 23:59 (GMT+0)

1. New Era Pack
The New Era Pack will be available in the Pack Store from October 25, 05:00, to October 30, 04:59 (GMT+0)! It's full of rare items to start you off in the new era!

2. Daily Log In Rewards!
During this event, simply log in to Conquerors to redeem great rewards! The rewards are awesome so don"t forget to redeem them!

3. Welcoming the New Era!
During this event, you'll have a chance to obtain the following items each time you defeat Rebels, or gather or collect resources from resource nodes:  Festive Fireworks, Castle Emblems, Crescent Marks, and Prestige Replicas. Locate these items in your Bag and "Fuse" them for different rewards!
The items Festive Fireworks, Castle Emblems, Crescent Marks, and Prestige Replicas can also be used to obtain Gold if you do not want to fuse them.
Rewards get better if more types of items are fused together!

4. Wheel of Wonder
During this event, redeem daily quest rewards or buy packs to earn Wonder Tickets. Use Wonder Tickets to spin the Wheel of Wonder for a chance to get extremely rare items!
Go to [Special Events > Wheel of Wonder] for more info and to spin the wheel!
From10-25 0:00 to 10-30 23:59(GMT+0), clear daily quests or buy packs to get Wonder Tickets.
You may use Wonder Tickets to spin the wheel from 10-25 0:00 to 10-31 23:59(GMT+0),.