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[News] A Rosy Affair

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Posted on 2019-03-07 14:10:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

This March, we are throwing a celebration to appreciate the contribution of women!
They are beautiful, but also strong. Give them a rose to show your appreciation now!

Event Duration: Mar 08, 00:00 – Mar 12, 23:59 (GMT+0)

1. Rosy Date
During this event, simply log in to Conquerors to redeem great rewards! The rewards are awesome so don't forget to redeem them!

2. Full Bloom
During this event, you'll have a chance to obtain the following items from event rewards, each time you defeat Rebels, or each time you gather or collect resources from resource nodes: Red Rose, Pink Rose, Blue Rose. These items can be placed on the Kingdom Map as decorations, and they last for 1 hour.
May roses bloom all over Conquerard in celebration of every strong woman!

3. Rose Chest
During this event, defeat Rebels on the Kingdom Map for a chance to obtain a Rose Chest that contains random rewards. Rose Chests contain a random Relic of a female hero, including: Kahina, Sabreen, Balqees, Mihrimah, Shajar, Subh, Adha, Hurrem, and Fatima al-Fihri!

4. Rose of Gold
During this event, simply spend Gold to win rewards! Don't miss this chance to earn as you spend!
Go to [Benefits > Gold Rush] for rules and reward details

5. Floral Gathering
During this event, Subh, Adha, Hurrem, and Fatima al-Fihri will gather at the Heroes Stadium. They may show up during Premium Recruits!
They will leave the Heroes Stadium after the event ends. Take this chance to recruit them before they are gone!

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