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[News] Greater Heights

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Posted on 2019-03-30 02:55:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

Greater Heights

Here in Conquerard, everyone started small. The defeats suffered are part of the growing process.
May all players keep improving and rise to greater heights!

Event Duration: Mar 30, 05:00 – Apr 06, 04:59 (GMT+0)

1. Greater Heights Pack
The Greater Heights Pack is now available in the Pack Store! Don't miss this chance to raise your Might!

2. Pirate Ring Pack
What secrets hide among the pirate's treasure?

3. Daily Log-In Rewards!
During this event, simply log in to Conquerors to redeem great rewards! The rewards are awesome so don't forget to redeem them!

4. Moonlit Gifts
During this event, you'll have a chance to obtain the following items each time you defeat Rebels, or gather or collect resources from resource nodes: Crescent Moons, Full Moons. Locate these items in your Bag and "Fuse" them for different rewards!

-1)The items Crescent Moons and Full Moons can also be used to obtain Gold if you do not want to fuse them.
-2) Rewards get better if more types of items are fused together!

5. Al-Basra's Treasure
During the event, earn Pirate Rings when you log in, buy packs, defeat monsters in the Ruins, or fuse items in Moonlit Gifts. Use Pirate Rings to win some of Al-Basra's treasure. Your rewards may even be multiplied!
For more info, go to [Benefits > Al-Basra's Treasure]

6. Double Intruder Rewards
Event Duration: Mar 30, 00:00 – Apr 01, 23:59 (GMT+0)
During this event, you'll get double the rewards when you defeat Intruder Bases! Form your teams, it's time to fight!

7. Double Skirmish Pearls
Event Duration: Apr 01, 00:00 – Apr 03, 23:59 (GMT+0)
During this event, you'll earn double the Pearls from Skirmishes! Time to rally up and set off on a Skirmish!

8. Fountain of Fortune
Event Duration: Apr 03, 00:00 – Apr 05, 23:59 (GMT+0)
During this event, you could receive a 20x resource reward from the Fountain! Will you be lucky enough to win the 20x reward?

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