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[News] The first round of the Championship has begun!

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Posted on 2019-04-02 03:38:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

The first round of the Championship has begun! Complete Championship Missions to win great rewards, including an exclusive Picture Frame!

Each round of the Championship will last 6 weeks, with different missions each week. Ensure that you have completed every mission every week!

How to Join: Log in to the game, then tap "Championship" at the top right.

Championship Rules:
1. During the competition season, you may obtain Championship EXP by completing Championship Missions and participating in Season Challenges. Increase your Championship level and get tons of Rewards.
2. All players may receive Champion Rewards. You can unlock Premium Rewards anytime and receive a great deal of exclusive items.
3. Championship Medals can be exchanged for rare items in the Champions Shop. Some rewards require a higher Championship level.
4. Weekly Missions will be reset every Monday at midnight. Missions from the previous week will no longer be available and uncompleted Missions will not be counted.
5. Certain Missions can only be completed a limited number of times, so you are advised to select Missions based on your preferences. You do not have to complete every single Mission!
6. Championship EXP will be gained automatically when Missions are completed.
7. Season Challenges can only be completed once during the Season. They are more challenging, but will award a huge amount of Championship EXP. Championship EXP from Season Challenges are not gained automatically and must be collected.
8. When your Championship EXP from Missions has reached its weekly cap, all ongoing Missions will end and can no longer be completed. (This limit applies to Missions only. Championship EXP gained from Season Challenges, Sign-in Chests, and buying Championship levels have no limits).

Check your mission progress now!

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