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[News] Camel Herding

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Posted on 2019-04-15 07:55:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

Camel Herding

Many lost camels have appeared at the Kingdom's borders. Manar seeks your help to herd them to Capitals or the Palace!

Ranking Rules:
1. During the event, participate in the related activities to earn points and win rewards.
2. Your guild will be ranked alongside guilds from every Kingdom.
3. You will not continue to receive rewards for this round if you leave your guild during the event.
4. Point rewards are awarded based on your personal points, while Rank rewards are based on your guild's total point ranking.

Event Rules:
1. While on the Map, tap [Herding] on the right to quickly locate a camel.
2. All camel locations are displayed on the Kingdom Overview.
3. After you find a camel, you may choose to move the camel in one of 8 directions. The direction nearest to a Capital or the Palace will be indicated with a corresponding icon.
4. You may deploy a team to move the camel after deciding upon a direction to move it. You can move the camel further if you deploy more Troops.
5. If the camel is moved within range of Capitals or the Palace, it will automatically enter and you will be awarded points.
6. If the camel's destination is not an empty spot, it will instead move to the nearest empty slot in a straight line within the distance it can travel.
7. When multiple players attempt to herd the same camel, only the player whose team comes into contact with the camel first will decide the direction and distance the camel will move. All other teams will return from where they came. Stamina consumed from sending teams will be returned.

For event details, go to [Events > Camel Herding]