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[Chat(Android)] Kingdom Newsflash #2!

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Posted on 2017-12-14 05:12:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

The Arsenal is now available! Craft various equipment for yourself, speed up your City's growth, and increase your military power!

Player Equipment Series:
☆ Berserker Series: Strongly recommended if your team is centered around hero attacks.
☆ Plains Series: This series is the key to victory if both you and your enemy have Cavalry-centered teams.
☆ Caesar Series: A must-have if you command Cavalry and your enemy uses Ranged Units.
☆ Pirate Series: Craft this if both you and your enemy command Ranged Units.
☆ Kshatriya Series: Do not miss this if you're battling Cavalry with a team of Ranged Units.
☆ Architect Series: Get greater construction speed boosts. Construction has never been quicker!
☆ Wealthseeker Series: Short of Ore? You'll get more with this series.
☆ Centurion Series: A great starter set for all rookies. Get a head-start with boosts in multiple aspects.

Go to [Arsenal > Series] for more details about these equipment series!
How do you craft Player equipment?
Go to either [Arsenal > Series] or [Arsenal > Catalog] and select an equipment to begin crafting.
Each piece of equipment requires different materials to be crafted. Ensure that you have the required number of the materials and sufficient Steel.
- Sources of materials for Player equipment:
☆ Defeat Intruder bases (chance drop). Each type of Intruder drops a different type of material.
☆ Material chests obtained via in-game events
☆ Equipment packs from the Pack Store
- Sources of Steel:
☆ Defeat Intruder bases (chance drop)
☆ Chests in the Ruins (chance drop)
☆ In-game events
☆ Equipment packs from the Pack Store