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[Chat(Android)] Kingdom Newsflash #3 -- The Prison!

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Posted on 2017-12-19 08:28:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Have you noticed a new building around? That's the Prison and it's where you hold the leaders you've captured! Here's a bit more information about the Prison.

- Can I capture any leader I like?
No. To capture a leader, they have to fulfil the following requirements:
☆ The leader must belong to a player in Battle Craze
☆ The leader must belong to a player whose Player Lv is within the range specified by your Prison. Go to [Prison > Details] to learn the Player Lv range.

- What are the benefits of capturing leaders?
☆ Holding leaders will net you additional boosts while they are held or put on trial. Note however that boosts of the same type will not stack.
☆ Putting leaders on trial will allow you to hold them captive for longer, thus prolonging your boosts.
☆ If you do not need the bonus granted by a captive, you may also set a ransom on the leader. You'll profit if the ransom is paid!

- What are the different stages of imprisoning a leader?
☆ Awaiting Trial: All leaders that have just been captured will have this status. Upgrade your Prison to reduce the wait at this stage.
☆ Ready for Trial/On Trial: After waiting for some time, captives will be ready to be put on trial. You will have a frame of time to do so, after which you'll prolong the duration you can hold them! If you do not put captives on trial during this time, they will then be released once the time is up.
☆ Serving Time: After Captives have been put on trial, they will have to serve time and you can thus hold them for longer. You'll be able to continue enjoying boosts from captives during this stage!

- Anything else to note?
All captives will be automatically released when you activate a Shield.