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[Chat(Android)] Kingdom Newsflash #5 -- Intruder Bases

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Posted on 2017-12-22 07:33:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Intruders are fast approaching! Rally your guildmates, fend them off, and defend your kingdom!
Whether or not you succeed at defeating Intruder bases, you will still obtain the following from challenging them:
☆ Hero EXP
☆ Player EXP
☆ Player equipment materials
☆ Resources (including Steel)
But before you dash off to fight all Intruder bases out there, take note! There is a daily limit to the number of times you can win rewards from Intruder battles! You can however buy more of these limited opportunities, called Loot Chances, with Gold.
While fighting Intruder bases, you should check out the guild event [Intruder Alert] as well!
[Intruder Alert] is currently the only regular guild event in the game. All guild members will contribute to the guild's performance in the event when they attack or defeat Intruder bases!
☆ Each round of this event lasts 3 days.
☆ During the event, all guild members can participate in the related activities to earn points for the guild.
☆ Each time the guild has enough points to hit the next reward tier, all guild members will automatically receive the rewards for that tier. (Guild members will receive a mail notification.)
☆ Each guild will be ranked alongside guilds from all Kingdoms. If a guild is eligible for rank rewards, all members of that guild will receive the rewards.
☆ Important Note: You will not continue to receive rewards for the round of the event if you leave your guild during the event, even if you have joined a different guild!
Here's a tip: It's easier to find Intruder bases around the borders of Provinces!