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[Chat(Android)] Gems in Equipment!

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Posted on 2018-01-15 06:31:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

We hope you've got some player equipment already and are working hard on crafting and refining them!

Did you know that you can inlay Gems on player equipment? Equipment inlaid with Gems will give you attribute boosts!

You can tap your Avatar to check if you have Gems inlaid on equipment. If no Gems are inlaid, you can inlay one by tapping the equipment, then tapping [Details] to access the Equipment Info interface. You can also do the same when you access your equipment via [Arsenal > Equipment Locker].

From here, simply tap [Inlay] and select a Gem!

☆ There are currently 5 categories of Gems in the game: Hero, Infantry, Cavalry, Ranged Units, and Siege Engines. In each category, there are ATK Gems, DEF Gems, and HP Gems.
☆ Gems also come in different grades. Four Gems of a lower grade can be fused to obtain a Gem that is one grade higher. Higher grade Gems can also be dismantled to obtain four Gems that is one grade lower!
☆ Up to 4 Gems can be inlaid in a piece of equipment, but you can't inlay more than one Gem of the same name!

No items are needed to remove and destroy an inlaid Gem. If you wish to keep the removed Gem instead, you can simply use Gold to buy a Gem Chisel of the appropriate grade from the Mall