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[Guild] Latin versus Arabic

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English is internet main language ... or even better than this: internet is English First. I once told in an all chinese game (lacking players from worldwide) that Poker is the language in Casinos, English is the language on Internet and chinese is a language ... in Beijing. So if they would have paid more interest to the English aspects of the game they would have had more than 100 players in their first launched server. Arabs would have had the same results if developing their own games. And if to compare asian people and arabs we will find more English is common knowledge for many asians ... while arabs are still lacking a school ... internet and an open minded education system. Arab education is frequently sectarian. Their writings ... are going like this : I am an intelligent kid and I dream of remaking of my homeworld into a nice place with nice things and nice people ... but when I start to write my whole plan ... ouch ... it screws all my mind ... it looks worse than a horror salad ... the arab writings are then invading my mind and all my good plans and ideas are gone ... no alignment, no graphical illusion of perfection or majesty ... nothing related to a good plan  ... so why writing it anymore. Arab writing was recreating the old writings but in such way reimagined only to determine the intelligent people to stop writing their own plans ... of reshaping a world with millenial leaders. In latin world the intelligence was escaping from real world through writings. Arab leaders did not restricted "literally" good writings, but made writings be repulsive for every good human kind with harmonic psychology ... Being enforced this way ... intelligent people were supposed to reject writings and express their mind onto themselves ... like in a monologue with yourself. And because they could not lay it down on a handmade carpet, their stories could not emulate others or empathize more people unless if starting with these words: "Can you believe ...?" Soo arab leaders allowed everyone, if intelligent, to progress by laying down their heads onto the ground ... thinking onto themselves and sharing their exponential life potential with the same forewording question "Can you believe ...?" The ones chosen by leaders to represent the intelligence ascendent to a better world ... were always these who were keeping their eyes in the ground. Who where allowed to climb on the highest stage and speak from there addressing words of good belief to a crowd with the heads on the ground. Eventually arabic writings can look like the song of a bird ... but this is in the best case an invitation to a party of good feelings shared together ... where no one can really be himself or herself ... because it is a party of entertaining events. Being yourself in a latin way it has been thought to be dangerous. And this is why their most intelligent arabs do not really speak about freedom or their ownopen minded plans or about anything else in the most international language, English. Now if we return to their sectarian educational system drawn to make intelligent arabs refulate their anger speech ... inspired in childhood by an "arabic anger" from within its characters writing ... if we return to where we discover arabs still need a school ... and internet ... while these can be found easier in Asia or in South America ... then we understand why it is so innapropriate to speak English in their world. But ... you will wonder how they all got here in this game ... like in no other game from Googleplay store. Because arabs are basically innocent people and they recognize easier the game for a good mood ... while a freedom mind thinker, a latin would perhaps experiment his playing skills in a less sweet environment. It is said that kids discover the good games easier ... Arabs have found it here and is a special built for them. Maybe with a bit of support on world chat they can even speak ... even if every translation of what they've said starts with another God epic story ... English Guild? No way ... better if an arab guild with some English speaking potential.

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ahhh ... and (i forgot to say this) ... they don't know what happens with them ... as all the repulsion toward a harmonic development and growth of a human like brain it happens at an early age . when they are first time reading ... then writing.

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... with one word we can say ... the dictatorship of the one ruler for all has been thrown away ... but dictators remain ... and arabic screwing up children minds it is still there

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(you will meet in this game intelligent arabs saying about 100 times a day they believe in Allah ... it is because this is how many times their OWN mind wanted to express itself ... but it has been oppressed not to express the oneself originality ... and thearabic writing characters have repudiated any nice dream ... For how many times he could not be the intelligent arab he was born to become ... he or she will just say ... something related to their God)

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I  am sure you know nothing about how this game work , Why many Arab in this game , Did your little cerebrum recognize the heroes in this game , who are they ? , I am sure that you were burnt hundreds times by Arab and manifested your anger here , I bet you team will never reach 25 mil. , But anyway such people like you have one benefit  , to be taken as prisoner,  we call lad like you big fat racist farm

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Hi frinds...

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