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[Chat (iOS)] About a fraudster Turkish staff

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Posted on 2021-01-23 19:06:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

I am a member of your Conquerors family. We have a big problem about one of Turkish staff named 'Tunahan Bursalı'. He controls 5 company castles in k35 ( Tuni, Timurlenk, Tete Hazretleri, Gojira and Polly)
Here is his profile link :

He's bullying us for 3 mouths by using IGG company authority. He breaks rules  and threaten us. He has personal problem with  alliances which do not accept his reign in game.

He attacks our castles, burn, kills, steal and skirmish every day.

He closes our tickets without  no reason. He never solves our problems in game. He always says 'no, it s impossible. There is no way for your request etc.' We started using foreign languages to send tickets. We stopped using Turkish ticket system because of him.

Also we have some personal informations about his relationship with some girls in DoB alliance. He use your company castles to impress them, he buys free packages  by using beta version of game and date with them..

It s unacceptable.

We started a compaign in social platforms to stop his bullying. Now every one knows who is he and which castles are igg company castles.