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[News] Sovereign Strife

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Posted on 2018-08-09 07:08:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

Sovereign Strife is beginning soon!

This is a battle for true leaders with limited participants. Across all servers, across all guilds.

Registration for Sovereign Strife always opens 3 days before the event. It is currently open! Sign up fast if you want to join as slots are limited!

The first round of Sovereign Strife will begin on August 11, 11:00 (GMT+0) and will last for 4 hours.

Event Rules:
1. Your City must be Lv 30 or higher to register for this event.
2. Only a maximum of 240 players can participate in this event, with a limit of up to 15 players from each guild.
3. Ferry Tickets are required to register for this event. They can be obtained from packs. The tickets will be returned to you if you withdraw from the event.
4. Registered players may enter the Strife grounds once the event begins.
5. Sovereign Strife lasts 4 hours. You may leave the Strife grounds at any time but will not be able to enter it again during the same round of the event.
6. Participants in Sovereign Strife will be randomly assigned a faction. Thus, members of the same guild may become enemies in this event.
7. Five members of each faction in the Strife grounds with the highest Might will be made Strife Commanders. Strife Commanders are updated every 10 min and have the right to form coalitions.
8. All members of the faction with the highest Faction Points will receive rewards, and the player with the most points in this faction will receive the title of Sovereign. The Sovereign can confer titles to Kingdoms and World Posts to players.

For more event details, go to: [Events] > [Sovereign Strife]

Want to become the Sovereign? Come fight for the throne!

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