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[News] What would you do if..?

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What would you do?

If you had 100 Hero EXP Card VII, would you use them all on a single hero, or split the EXP evenly between a few heroes that you like to use? Let us know how you'd spend it and why!

An effective way to raise a hero's Might is to level up their Skill and Talents, gather hero equipment and promote them, and inlay suitable Crests. Read on for more details!

☆ Hero Skill and Talents
- Collect the hero's Relics to upgrade their Skill. This upgrade will be a huge boost for your hero!
- Upgrade the hero's Talents with Ore! This will help support your hero's Skill and give their attributes a boost!

☆ Hero Promotion
- Gather the required hero equipment to raise the hero's grade! There are five hero grades: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Your hero gets stronger as their grade and skill levels are raised.
- Every hero has a unique Army Skill. This is upgraded each time the hero is promoted.

☆ Hero Crests
Hero Crests that complement your hero will really make them shine! If you're not sure what Crests work well for your hero, check out the [Recommended] button at the top right of the Crest interface for some suggestions!

Don't forget to upgrade those Crests too! Higher-level Crests give bigger attribute boosts!

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If do have 100 EXP card VII,  I will use it to all of my hero , to make them stronger.

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Stavio bih sve na jednog heroja