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[News] The Conquest Coins!

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Posted on 2018-10-09 11:28:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

A special currency can be found in Conquerard: the Conquest Coins!

☆ What are Conquest Coins for?
Conquest Coins are used to purchase items from the Conqueror's Boutique. The Conqueror's Boutique is a key way to acquire rare items, including rare Relics and Crests with two attributes!

☆ How do you get Conquest Coins?
You can earn Conquest Coins by participating in in-game events, social media events, completing daily quests, and buying packs. Often, you'll be rewarded with a Coin Pouch containing those coins. Be sure to check if you have any Coin Pouches in your bag, and open them to get your Conquest Coins!

☆ Where is the Conqueror's Boutique?
The Conqueror's Boutique is located in the Bazaar building. You can see your current amount of Conquest Coins in the top right corner of the boutique.