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[News] Forging Crests!

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Posted on 2018-11-13 08:31:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

Do you have too many blue and purple Crests? Not willing to convert them to Jewels at the Bazaar? Try using them for forging instead!

☆ To forge Crests, you will need Flamerocks!
Flamerock sources: Smelt Crests, Packs

☆ How do I smelt Crests?
On the "Forge Crests" interface, tap [Get More] next to your Flamerock count to access the smelting interface. Select excess Crests for smelting to obtain Flameforce. You will automatically get 1 Flamerock each time the Flameforce gauge is full.

Select your Crests carefully when smelting! It'll be a waste if you lose your rare Crests by accident!

☆ You can begin forging Crests once you have a Flamerock. During forging, you have a chance to receive Overlord, a super rare Crest with THREE attributes!

We heard that almost 20 players have successfully forged the Overlord Crest! Such lucky folks!

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