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[News] Title: Challenge the Undertakers!

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Posted on 2018-12-11 05:26:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

Some Rebel forces have joined forces. Well-geared and well-organized, they call themselves the Undertakers. They plan to attack every guild and claim power over the whole of Conquerard!
Get your weapons ready and supplies in check for their attacks! You're the Guild Defender!
Event Duration: Dec 11, 00:00 – Dec 17, 23:59 (GMT+0)

1. Daily Log-In Rewards
During this event, simply log in to Conquerors to redeem great rewards! The rewards are awesome so don't forget to redeem them!

2. Double Guild Honor
During this event, you'll get double Guild Honor from Guild Aid, Province battles, Guild donations, and so on! Honor allows you to buy items from the Guild Mall, and can also be used to complete quests in All Hands Together! Don't miss this great chance to earn more Honor!

3. Resources Stockpile
During this event, you'll get double the profits when gathering from Sawmills, Farms, and Mines on the Kingdom Map, or when you send your heroes to Boot Camps!

4. Fountain of Fortune
During the event, the Fountain has a chance to give you a 20x resource reward! Will you get lucky?

5. Heroes Hall Discount!
Enjoy a 20% discount at the Heroes Hall during this event! Premium Recruits will cost just 160 Gold and Premium 10X are just 1440 Gold! You need heroes to battle, so recruit them now! You can get resources if you don't get a hero! (No discount for recruiting with items)

Check details in game: Event > Challenge the Undertakers!