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[News] Community Feature Tips

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Posted on 2019-02-20 06:18:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

We see that you love the Community feature! Here are some tips for this feature to give you a better experience!

☆ Upgrade Community Account
If you have not linked your account to WeGamers, the system will create a guest account for you when you use the Community feature. The guest account is a little limited in features, though, so it's a good idea to upgrade your account to a registered account!

After the upgrade, you'll be able to change your Avatar and Nickname as you please! You'll also be able to visit the Conquerors Community via the WeGamers app when you're not logged in to Conquerors. Your Community account will be more secure too!

To upgrade your account, go to Community, tap the avatar icon at the bottom right, then tap "Upgrade My Account". Follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade your account!

☆ Language and Post Order
When you enter the Community, posts in your game's current language will be displayed by default. If you would like to see posts in all languages, tap the tiny Globe icon at the bottom right of the Announcements. From here, you can then select the post language you want to view, and the way the posts are sorted. See all-new posts about Conquerors in the Community!

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