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[Chat(Android)] Palace Warfare

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Posted on 2017-08-25 09:52:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

The first round of Palace Warfare is coming very soon! Are you excited? This is your chance to be the one and only ruler of the Kingdom, and even rename it to your liking!

Palace Warfare Rules:
1. The first round of Palace Warfare begins 30 days after the Kingdom is made available. Each round lasts 8 hours and the Palace will enter Battle Phase during this time.
2. Guilds can form coalitions to attack and occupy the Palace. Guilds gain 1 point for every minute they occupy the Palace.
3. When Palace Warfare ends, the Battle Phase ends and the guild with the most points will gain control of the Palace.
4. The Palace will then enter Protection Phase and be shielded for 7 days after Palace Warfare ends
5. All members of the controlling guild will enjoy Palace bonuses and rewards.
6. The controlling guild can appoint members with various Kingdom Posts, and even take enemy players as Slaves!
7. The leader of the controlling guild will become King and can rename the Kingdom!

Note: Like attacking other Provinces, you can only attack the Palace if there is a clear line between it and any other Provinces your guild occupies.