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[Chat(Android)] Eid al-Adha Event

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Posted on 2017-08-31 06:54:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

Eid al-Adha is an important Islamic festival during which sheep, cows, goats, buffalo, and even camels may be sacrificed. Their meat is shared in celebration among family, friends, neighbors, and those in need.

Conquerors: Clash of Crowns will be holding events to commemorate this occasion, so come celebrate with us!

Event Duration: Aug 31, 2017 - Sept 5, 2017

Event Details:
1. Daily Log-In Gift
Get a celebratory gift daily for every day that you log in to Conquerors: Clash of Crowns!

2. Generosity Pack
Buy a Generosity Pack to receive a [Box of Empty Packets] or ten! Use them to distribute Gold Packets and share the joy!

3. New Enemies on Map
Buffalos and Goats have appeared on the Map! Defeat them to get Buffalo Meat or Chevon for rewards!

4. Collect Resources for a Surprise
Gather resources from Farms, Mines, and Sawmills in your City and you might find a [Camel Sack]!

5. Discounted Hero Recruits
Get a 20% discount when recruiting heroes at the Heroes Hall! Premium Recruits will cost just 160 Gold and Premium 10X are just 1440 Gold!

6. Shopping Spree and Gold Rush
Take part in our Shopping Spree and Gold Rush events from today till the 7th! Simply fulfill the purchase or spending requirement to win great rewards!

Go to [Events] and [Special Events] to check out more Events!